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This article seeks to review the preparedness of the health care system in the last outbreak of meningitis in Nigeria that has come to be our residential guest. Nigeria is one of the 26 countries within the extensive region of sub-Saharan Africa known as the "meningitis belt," where large epidemics occur. The outbreaks peak in the dry season in certain states is due to the low humidity and dusty conditions and usually end as the rainy season approaches, Meningitis is a tough disease and it is associated with overcrowding, which is why Nigeria records some of the highest incidences of the disease on the continent. Concerted efforts should centre on bringing the outbreak under control, as all stalk holders must work towards preventing outbreaks of this scale in the future. It is expected that States takes ownership of outbreak preparedness and ensure that all efforts put into preparedness translate to meaningful action for response. Hence local and international collaborations cannot be over emphasized in managing the epidemic.

Meningitis, outbreak, resident guest, season, Nigeria

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CHUKU, A., AJIDE, B., & ADOGO, L. (2019). MENINGITIS; THE RESIDENT GUEST AND THE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM IN NIGERIA (A CASE OF 2017). Asian Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology, 4(2), 46-50. Retrieved from
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