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The aim of research work was conducted for development of vitamin C enriched nutraceutical peel rolls. The study was conducted at Regional food Research and analysis centre, Lucknow U. P. Different treatment of Nutraceutical peel rolls (M1-M4) were made by using different combination (Cumin, fennel, ginger, black pepper, clove, curry leaves, sugar, beet root and mosambi juice). Organoleptic quality, nutritive value (Fat, Protein, Carbohydrate and Energy) were evaluated. On the basis of nutritional quality and organoleptic evaluation it is concluded that the treatment M3 was scored highest. The nutritional analysis of the best product claim more than 42 mg/100 gm calcium, 136 mg/100 gm vitamin C and energy 275.97 kcal/100 gm.

Nutraceutical, organoleptic quality, nutritive value, enrichment.

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CHAUHAN, S. K., JOSEPH, J., VERMA, S., & NAYAK, P. (2020). DEVELOPMENT OF VITAMIN C ENRICHED NUTRACEUTICAL PEELS ROLLS. Journal of Advances in Food Science & Technology, 6(4), 33–38. Retrieved from
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