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Composite samples were collected from the six refuse dumpsites and analyzed for heavy metals concentrations using atomic absorption spectrometer (AAS VGB 210 system). The concentrations of the heavy metals in (mg/Kg) were in the following order: Fe>Mn>Cu>Zn>Ni>Co>Cd>V>Pb. The values of the heavy metals observed in the different dumpsites were lower than their corresponding average value in shale. However, the values from the different dumpsites showed some relationship with industrial activities. In each of the metals, the highest values were obtained in parts of Port Harcourt where there is serious presence of industrial work. The contamination factor (CF) revealed that dumpsites soils were not contaminated with any of the heavy metals and do not seem to pose danger presently. Therefore, more regulatory activities by the relevant agencies should be put in place as to forestall future occurrence of accumulation that might pose danger to the environment.

Trace metal, Contamination Factor (CF), dumpsites, soil, pollution.

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OKWELLE, P. L., & MARCUS, A. C. (2020). DISTRIBUTION OF HEAVY METALS IN SOIL FROM SELECTED DUMPSITES IN PORT HARCOURT METROPOLIS, RIVERS STATE, NIGERIA. Journal of Global Ecology and Environment, 9(3), 101-106. Retrieved from https://www.ikpresse.com/index.php/JOGEE/article/view/4909
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