Embelia ribes Burm f., A POTENT NATURAL Ca2+ CHELATOR

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In traditional medicine, Embelia ribes Burm. f. (Myrsinaceae), has been mentioned as an important medicinal plant with anthelmintic, antifertility, antihistamic, antihyperlipidemic and cardioprotective properties. The present study investigated the calcium chelating efficiency of E. ribes seed extract under in vitro conditions. CaCl2.2H2O solution was mixed with various concentrations of E. ribes seed extract. The amount of calcium left after precipitation due to the chelating property of the phytoconstituents in the seed extract was estimated using complexometric titration with EDTA as titrant. The results revealed remarkable decrease in Ca2+ in the Calcium chloride solutions which was directly proportional to the concentration of E. ribes seed extract. The finding shows the ability of E. ribes seed extract as a potent herbal calcium scavenger.

Calcium, chelation, EDTA, Embelia ribes, embelin.

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SEBASTIAN, A., MATHEW, J. T., GEORGE, K. V., & ANTONY, V. T. (2019). Embelia ribes Burm f., A POTENT NATURAL Ca2+ CHELATOR. PLANT CELL BIOTECHNOLOGY AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, 20(21-22), 1004–1008. Retrieved from https://www.ikpresse.com/index.php/PCBMB/article/view/4792
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